Global NEV And Battery Innovation And Technology Summit 2019
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About EVB2019

New energy vehicles are playing an important role in the development of the global automotive market. Environmental pollution, energy shortages and China’s policy to ban on traditional fuel vehicles are being put on the agenda and new energy vehicles are gaining increasing popularity and importance. This has unprecedentedly boosted the development of automobile industry, and as a result, there is a growing demand on power batteries. Meanwhile, the glide of the subsidy for new energy vehicle industry, and continuous improvements on relevant laws and regulations such as the double-integration policy, the “the Belt and Road” initiative, and the power battery recycling standards and other policies have been introduced along with the market working jointly to promote the development of the new energy vehicle industry. Nevertheless, the rise of new generation car-making companies has intensified the competition in the new energy vehicle industry. How to safely enter the era of electrification, solve the technical difficulties of the development of new energy vehicles, increase the public's acceptance of new energy vehicles, and optimize the business model and infrastructure service model of the new energy vehicle industry are what many automobile companies concerning about. The development of the power battery industry and breakthroughs in related technologies are effective ways to break the bottleneck of new energy vehicles. In the era of new energy vehicles, how the battery industry respond to the opportunities and challenges brought by the global new energy vehicle trends?

Global New Energy Vehicles and Battery Innovations and Technology Summit 2019 (EVB 2019), which will be held on 13th-14th June, Shanghai China,  will bring together more that 600 global industrial honored guests . The summit features “Change, Breakthrough, Success” as the core theme, and the 100+ top experts from new energy vehicle and battery industry share the latest policies, global development trends and hot topics such as business model—sustainable development, competition and cooperation between established automakers and new car-making companies, Industry 4.0 era, the latest technologies including innovative technology of motor and electric control, charging piles, new energy vehicle platform, leading-edge battery technology and trend, power battery safety, lightweight materials, fuel cells, battery materials & new materials, BMS, battery manufacturing intelligence and energy storage battery. In addition, this summit offers an ideal platform for exchanging ideas and opportunities of seeking cooperation within the industry. You can find new prospects and clients, meet ideal partners, and connect with the most excellent executives and guests in the industry.


  • Plenary +3 Sub-forums with featured themes
    Plenary +3 Sub-forums with featured themes

    Exploring the business models and latest technological development of new energy vehicles with the changing policies and markets

  • Experience and lessons from global projects
    Experience and lessons from global projects

    How do OEMs such as BMW, Tesla, SAIC-GM, NIO Inc., WM Motor etc. respond to the future changing automotive industry; Top battery manufacturers share technological developments and cases: CATL, BYD , P...

  • Market development trends and policy analysis
    Market development trends and policy analysis

    How to respond to the glide of new energy vehicle subsidy policy, development trends and global market perspective

  • Latest technology exhibits and discussions
    Latest technology exhibits and discussions

    New energy vehicles, motors, electric controls, power batteries, fuel cells, charging piles, new energy vehicle platforms, BMS, lithium-ion batteries, electrolytes, battery separators, cathode and ano...


  • 600+ Global Attendees
    600+ Global Attendees

  • 100+ Speakers
    100+ Speakers

  • 70+ Industry Medias
    70+ Industry Medias

  • 40+ Luxury Booths
    40+ Luxury Booths

Past speakers




    • ACE Events
      • 北汽福田汽车股份有限公司
      • 安徽中鼎流体系统有限公司
      • Nikyang Enterprise Limited
      • 广汽丰田
      • 蜂巢能源
      • 广汽资本
      • 中兴高能技术有限责任公司
      • 浙江宏舟新能源科技有限公司
      • 浙江新吉奥控股集团有限公司
      • 北京汽车集团有限公司
      • BMW
      • 上海上汽大众汽车销售有限公司
        • 储能协会
        • 德国储能协会
        • Australia Energy Storage Alliance

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